Peter: “Just as many organisations pay attention to the maintenance of machinery, at least as much attention should be paid to the ‘people park’, which is not only about filling the job for the people who are starting out, but also about keeping and growing the existing workforce on board”.

Peter: “In recent years we have also noticed that investments in personal development have shifted even more towards learning on the job. In the past, training courses were given collectively, but now they are increasingly personalised and on the work floor.”

Peter: “Still, I would like to add that if people are only ‘satisfied’, that is not enough for me. People also have to be at their best, and the HR department has to support them in this. That can be achieved with good internal mobility, defining roles instead of functions, etc.”.

Peter: “Linkedln was the first large CV database where people can share their CV without arousing suspicion at their employer. In addition, the transparency between young people is very high, which makes them know where it is pleasant to work, how much you earn where, etc.”